Preparations for our writing seminar in Santorini

It`s an amazing feeling sitting here in Santorini, working on the DSL+-project.

The place is really ideal for writing seminars, with beautiful and calm surroundings. The accommodations are functional and works well for team meetings, at the same time there`s room and tranquillity for both small group meeting and individual work. Here we have the opportunity to work together face to face for a longer period of time. This is a great opportunity to “brain storm”, reflect upon and debate ideas in depth as well as get feedback and discuss on written drafts. 

Follow this link to see the house: Villa in Finikia

University library - Oslo
An effective stay does however require a lot of preparations beforehand. Before our day of departure we had a seminar with Ingerid Straume, the librarian responsible for the department for Special education at the University library (UiO). We continued with systematic searches related to the articles we`re working on during our stay, and we started to check for relevant full text articles. Further on we prepared a method seminar about systematic review and an academic writing seminar about how to write article introductions.

A lot of papers to pack
The aim of our stay is to start writing four review articles related to vocabulary interventions for children with Down syndrome, visual functioning in children with Down syndrome, visual layout in picture books and the visual opportunities in picture book applications. During the process we should scan abstracts from our systematic searches, read actual full text article, and write a very preliminary draft for each of the introductions and the method chapters. We`ll also work on the co-authorship agreement plans for the articles, regarding responsibilities and deadlines for the different sections of the articles.

We look forward to writing another blog post about our stay in Santorini!

- Anne-Grethe, Lovise, Ingrid, Liz, Kari-Anne and Silje -

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