Visiting Bristol

Anne Grethe and Lovise have travelled to Bristol this week to work together with Liz at Bristol University. As we are writing this the trip will sadly soon be over; we are looking back at some productive and enjoyable days, and we have captured some of these moments.

This week we have been working together on finalizing some aspects of the DSL+ intervention design, for instance the main menu designs of the application. We also worked together on the teacher guidance manual that explains to the teachers how to carry out the intervention.

We have also had the chance to collaborate further on papers associated with the project.
It was very motivating to work in a different setting and useful to spend the time together to work on the project.

We have been working hard during this trip but we also found some time to explore the city and enjoy some good food. 

We enjoyed spending the time together and we look forward to future trips.

Lovise, Anne Grethe and Liz

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