Snow day

Yesterday we spent some time at Lysebu in Holmenkollen. The goal for the day was to capture some photographs, video and audio to include in our next pilot. The picture book for the pilot is called Line and Stian build a snow cave. The children in the intervention will be learning about words related to this story. Luckely we finally got some snow in Oslo, and were able to take advantage of it in the beautiful surroundings in Holmenkollen.

We are so lucky to have such a versatile job. It never gets boring with so many different types of tasks. A lot of tasks are in progress at the moment, and many more hours will be spent in the office. This makes it extra nice to be able to spend some time together outdoors. We were able to make use of and discover our more creative sides, and we had a successful day doing so.

We look forward to piloting with this material!

Silje & Liz

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